Yoga Ayurveda Plant Medicine Retreat

PERU view from centerTarapoto, Peru
April 5 – 13, 2014

Learn about Ayurveda and experience all kinds of medicine for body, mind and soul at the Yacumaman Ethnobotanical Center for Shamanic & Vedic Studies in the upper Peruvian Amazon. Delve into the healing and enlightening power of plant medicine with the benefit of daily yogic practices while immersed in the vibrant prana of pristine Amazonian nature.

Retreat includes:

  • 8 nights shared accommodations in Shambhu Tambo, beautiful brand new healing sanctuary handbuilt from local and sustainable materials
  • Three pranically enhanced meals prepared fresh daily using organic, seasonal nutrient-dense foods
  • Daily yoga with asana, pranayama & meditation (sometimes twice/day and always optional)
  • Four ayurvedic workshops/practicums (including Shamanic Aromatherapy & Marma Massage)
  • Two guided plant medicine sessions & 1-on-1 post-ceremony reflections with ayahuascaro
  • Facilitated Ecstatic Dance class
  • Two restorative & balancing plant and flower baths
  • Trips to waterfalls, spring fed pools and mineral-rich thermal springs
  • Temazcal (traditional sweat lodge)
  • Optional additional services at Hampi Yacu Wasi (Shamanic/Ayurvedic eco-spa)
  • Transportation from Tarapoto airport to Yacumaman

A variety of beauty, vitality and immune enhancing botanical products formulated by Aubrey, retreat host and ayurveda teacher, will be available for purchase.

COST: $1595

$150-off Bring-a-Friend discount

$100 Early Bird discount (ends Feb 9)

Costs do not include airfare to/from Peru, airport taxes for domestic or international travel, optional Ayurvedic treatments, services and products at Hampi Yacu Wasi or tips/gratuities for retreat help, taxis/vans, etc. An advance non-refundable deposit of $500 is required to reserve your space for this retreat.

Meet your additional Yoga Ayurveda Plant Medicine guides:

Aubrey Bamdad has emerged as a prominent bridge between the fields of Ayurveda and traditional Amazonian medicine. She is an Ayurvedic practitioner, yogini, herbalist and founder and director of Qori Inti Amazonian Herbals.  Read more about Aubrey…

Dionisio Santos is one of the first Westerners to have pioneered the field of entheogenic research and explore the world of shamanism in the Amazonian Basin in the 1980s. After co-founding Takiwaki Center for Drug Addiction Treatment and Research of Traditional Medicines in 2000 and co-directing the center for 8 years, he created Yacumaman Ethnobotanical Center for Shamanic Studies, located outside the city of Tarapoto in the upper Peruvian Amazon.   Read more about Dionisio…

Sample schedule of the day’s activities:

(schedule is subject to change)

  • 7:30AM: Yoga, meditation and pranayama
  • 9:30 AM: Breakfast
  • 10:30 AM: Ayurveda discourse or practicum
  • 1:00 PM: Lunch
  • 3:00 PM: Afternoon activities (may include receiving Ayurvedic/Shamanic treatment or venturing into Nature for play and rejuvenation!)
  • 6:00 PM: Dinner
  • 7:00 PM: Evening activities (may include plant medicine sessions, sweat lodge, dance, kirtan and more)

For any questions or to register for retreat with check or via PayPal, please email:

Jordan P. Review

Transformational Retreats

“Wendy is a gifted teacher and human being.  During my time with her in Colombia, I rediscovered my passion for yoga.  I experience her guidance as steady, kind and deeply wise. I am grateful to have her as an ally and resource in my life.” ~ Jordan P.

Ellen W. Review

Transformational Retreats

“Many years ago, I stumbled upon Wendy’s yoga class at a gym and I was immediately hooked. Her soothing voice (podcast Wendy!!) and her gentle instruction (must make videos!) really hit home and I was instantly relieved from all the stress I was enduring at work.

Ella M. Review

Transformational Retreats

“I signed up for this retreat serendipitously, just a few months after a heart breaking loss of my mom, hoping for a healing trip with my equally heartbroken grown up daughter, having met Wendy only once.  This trip exceeded my expectations in all respects.

Setareh B. Review

Transformational Retreats

“Wendy Faith’s Yoga Adventure Healing Retreat truly lived up to and beyond its name. It was planned in a way that allowed for total relaxation and enjoyment on the part of the vacationers. I benefited a tremendous amount from Wendy’s daily yoga instruction

Elizabeth O. Review

Raw Yoga Retreat

“I was fortunate enough to be a part of Wendy Faith’s Urban Yoga Retreat in Berkley! This amazing, one day retreat was set in the beautiful setting of Cloud 9 which was filled with positive energy.

Joanna E. Review

Transformational Retreats

“I was so lucky to join Wendy’s retreat in Colombia – it was truly a gift for my body and soul. Nothing I have ever experienced in my life equals to the cultural immersion, adventure and relaxation that Wendy somehow managed to fit into ten days. Wendy, thank you for who you are and for sharing with us your world.”  ~ Joanna E.

S.B. Review

Transformational Retreats

“I found the yoga, meditation and ecstatic dance to be rejuvenating, inspiring and healing. I am always amazed by the breadth of knowledge Wendy has about all things having to do with wellness and always learn a ton from her each time we’re together. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – S.B.

Alice T. Review

Transformational Retreats

“The group was positive and pleasurable to be with, which I think is a testament to Wendy’s ways as a leader. I felt completely free both to engage with others if I wanted and to seek solitude when necessary. There was a quiet, easy vitality to the entire stretch of days. Exactly what I needed…” – Alice T.


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