Elizabeth O. Review

“I was fortunate enough to be a part of Wendy Faith’s Urban Yoga Retreat in Berkley! This amazing, one day retreat was set in the beautiful setting of Cloud 9 which was filled with positive energy. Wendy’s fluid flow was phenomenal as she guided us through a wonderful practice. Her knowledge, expertise and loving teachings led me into a heart opening experience that balanced my chakras and connected me to the Divine and each person in the room. She took us through a chakra balancing journey while playing her singing bowls. She invited me to play the flute during savasana as she gave each of the 30 participants a cranial sacral massage. It was powerful! The food inspired me to get a blender of my own and the vision board helped me move through some serious personal issues. Wendy Faith has the purest outpouring of love, experience and sharing her passion for the journey we are all on. This retreat was transformational for me and I believe everyone felt that same!” ~ Elizabeth O.


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