Ellen W. Review

“Many years ago, I stumbled upon Wendy’s yoga class at a gym and I was immediately hooked. Her soothing voice (podcast Wendy!!) and her gentle instruction (must make videos!) really hit home and I was instantly relieved from all the stress I was enduring at work. When I had to quit that gym, I wished I could take her class again someday. Fast forward years later, I ran into Wendy at a meditation center to get some peace due to a very sad life event happening at the time. A few months later, I found myself following her all the way to Columbia for a retreat. It was truly a life altering journey. She was so thoughtful with every itinerary and activity including our trip to an orphanage that hosts severely disabled children. The whole trip changed me forever. I remain friends with most people in that trip and we are forever grateful to Wendy for pulling all the resources together so we could have the most meaningful time of our lives. Thank you Wendy! Can’t wait to join the next adventure of a life time!” ~ Ellen W.


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