Melissa A. Review

“Wendy’s teaching is a beautiful gift that I am so grateful for! Her classes take me to that blissful place you always hope to get from yoga but rarely do. I leave Wendy’s classes feeling centered, joyful and peaceful. It’s not often that you find a yoga instructor that facilitates personal growth. But I have broken through blockages and have cried in her class several times. Her demeanor in class makes you feel as though she is speaking directly to you, no matter how many mats are in the room. She is patient, compassionate, and intuitive. She reminds you to breathe. She easily guides you through asanas. She reminds you that yoga extends far beyond the physical practice. And if you are lucky, she will sing or chant and her voice will resonate an amazingly healing energy. Wendy is a natural teacher and a constant inspiration. I can’t recommend her enough.”

~ Melissa A.


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