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Wendy Faith is a Bay-area based certified yoga teacher with well over 500-hours training. She completed her original 200-hour training in 2006 through Yoga Tree, a premier yoga studio where she was a vinyasa teacher for over five years. She has taught at various other locations, including Mission Yoga, AHA Yoga, Yoga Flow SF, the Sports Club/LA, the JCC as well as corporate yoga. She is prenatal certified and in addition to vinyasa/flow classes, has also taught gentle flow, hatha and a self-created Yoga/Dance class. Wendy has also been an indoor cycling/spin instructor since 1997. Her high energy yet grounded presence and love for music is apparent in all of her classes, whether on the bike or on the mat.


In addition to predominantly studying with Shiva Rea, Saul David Raye, Janet Stone and in workshops with a myriad of other talented yoga teachers, Wendy committed her discipline to Shadow Yoga for over four years. She studied with Scott Blossom followed by Mark Horner, including his 18-month Advanced Studies Teacher Training. Shadow Yoga is a practice strongly influenced by martial arts, classical Indian dance and Ayurveda. Wendy has also been a casual but ongoing student of Ayurveda, the system of traditional medicine native to India under the guidance of Prashanti deJager.


Most recently, Wendy has lightened her teaching schedule in the Bay to focus on the healing arts and leading international yoga retreats. Nothing brings her more joy than finding off-the-beaten path locations and healing centers to combine and share all of the healing modalities she continues to study (bodywork, plant medicine, meditation, sound healing and more).


Wendy’s dream is for all beings to live a happy balanced life in a strong and healthy body with the ability to feel grounded, have a clear mind and be present. Her retreats allow individuals the space to move through their own personal transformation with the support of like-minded community in beautiful and nourishing locations. It is often in these environments students can truly peel the layers and find their mind/body/spirit connection. As we heal ourselves, we heal the planet… our internal space a true reflection of the world we are co-creating together.


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Yoga Restorative Medicine Retreat (Costa Rica, March ’15)

Wendy Faith also teaches yoga at festivals where she enjoys bringing the healing and inspiring sound element of electronic and live music to her classes. Following her popular Yoga/Sound Healing class with Kalya Scintilla at Enchanted Forest (2011), she led a class accompanied by live viola at Lunacy Festival in Santa Barbara (2012) and performed an encore Songs of Spirit Yoga class at Symbiosis (2013), inspired by five months in South America. Stay tuned for future festival class announcements on the Schedule page.


Wendy Faith is available for 60, 90 and 120-minute private yoga sessions with or without accompanying bodywork, incorporating the use of special medicine songs and/or antique Tibetan singing bowls for Sound Healing if desired.


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“Right now I am thrilled to catch Wendy Faith’s class at the Sun Room on Tuesdays. She has the right pace and flow for me, is fantastic at accommodating injuries or different levels, and has such a fun and warm energy that it’s really a joy to practice yoga with her.

“Wendy Faith is an AMAZING yoga instructor and I’d recommend that anyone who loves yoga come to her classes.  Wendy has great energy and presence, and provides an active and fulfilling yoga practice that’s accompanied by good beats!

“Wendy Faith is awesome. She is my absolute favorite yoga teacher. I appreciate how she always has a variation for people like me that love yoga but aren’t necessarily super flexible,

“Wendy’s teaching is a beautiful gift that I am so grateful for! Her classes take me to that blissful place you always hope to get from yoga but rarely do.


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